Bob’s Weather Cartoons

Cartoon Dennis Menace wx man


Bob Black’s collection of cartoons is saved in 6 large binders having 36 different chapters.  He kindly gave me these binders, 50 pounds worth of treats. Take a look at these for yourself:  FOR SOME REASON THIS LINK DOES NOT WANT TO WORK SO YOU MAY HAVE TO CUT AND PASTE. SORRY ABOUT THAT.

Initially all the chapters will contain samples of the cartoons. But as the paper copies are imaged and placed into documents the samples will be replaced with the “real stuff”.


Roughly speaking, the collection contains 5,650 items, which are loosely defined by each chapter. A single panel cartoon is an item, a four-panel comic strip is an item, the name of a “weather” song is an item, and so on. An early estimate is that there are around 2500 pages in the collection.

The collection contains about 1,890 individual cartoons. Add to this about 1,540 comic strips.  These comprise the bulk of the pages. He also has about 680 various definitions of some weather element or related word.  One chapter lists 270 ways to forecast rain, mostly older superstitions. Another chapter lists “weather” songs, such “Singin’ in the Rain” and “Springtime in the Rockies.”  Stories, both humorous and just interesting, make up about 180 of the individual entries. And over 90 postcards of depicting weather phenomena or related humor are included as are over five dozen works of poetry.