History of Weather Bureau buildings

I have found that the history of the Weather Bureau buildings to be especially fascinating. At the founding of the Weather Bureau they felt that it would be more cost effective to own their own buildings as opposed to renting space. So each year they would construct 4 or 5 buildings. There was a standard design which lead to many beautiful buildings.  The buildings were in the heart of the community so as to be able to offer weather services in a personal manner.

The observer and his family lived in the buildings.  All the family members, including the children, helped in the various chores.  When forecasts needed to be distributed to the community the kids were called upon to make the rounds.

Several of the buildings still exist and some have been fully renovated. It’s great to know that several of the buildings have been declared National Historic Places.  I have been able to visit the building in Abilene, Texas and Richmond, Virginia.

So, take a look at this amazing part of history. If you have a chance to visit a building be sure to thank the owner for their efforts in the preservation of weather history.

The National Center for Environmental Information (formerly the National Climatic Data Center) has given permission to include these reports.

Click on the link below for a view of the buildings and their history.

The History of US Weather Bureau Buildings February 2008