Instrument shelter locations

First, how about a look at some “interesting” locations for instrument shelters.  I stumbled into most of these images while using the station history files at the National Climatic Data Center. For sure there was little standardization in the placement and size of the shelters in the early years. Click on this link to see a few pictures of the locations.

The Best Location for an Instrument Shelter


Speaking of instrument shelters, I was watching a movie released in 1949 called “Twelve O’Clock High” starting Gregory Peck. The movie depicts the lives of American airmen as they bombed Germany in WWII. In one sequence the commanders were standing on the second floor roof of the control tower watching for the returning bombers.  High above the roof was an anemometer and wind vane. But what caught my eye was a structure that looked like an instrument shelter.  The shelter was dark in color but seeing how the movie was in black and white you can’t really tell a color.  But, you might guess it was army green. I guess Hollywood thought a dark shelter made for a better scene.

Below is the set used in the movie. I think you can clearly see what appears to be an instrument shelter. Pretty cool!

movies set tower  introduction picture