Weather Bureau buildings as shown by postcards


From 1893 until 1918 the Weather Bureau constructed their own buildings.  These postcards present pictures of these buildings, giving a glimpse into the live of the buildings and the community in which they were located.  Remember, these are real postcards used to convey personnel messages.

Click on the following links to see the postcards:

Weather Bureau building post cards Anniston, AL – Canton, NY

Weather Bureau building post cards Cape Henry, VA – Dodge City, KS

Weather Bureau building post cards Duluth, MN – La Crosse, WI

Weather Bureau building post cards Lansing, MI – St. Joseph, MO


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Sadly I have not found Weather Bureau building postcards for a number of cities. See list below. If you know of any cards for these stations please let me know.

Abilene, TX

Amarillo, TX

Cincinnati, OH

Havre, MT

Kitty Hawk, NC (building abandoned in 1904)

Modena, UT

Narragansett, RI

Norht Head, WA

North PLatte, NE

Point Reyes, CA

Port Crescent, WA

Sandy Hook, NJ

Southeast Farallon, CA

Springfield, IL

Tatoosh Island, WA

Washington, DC

Yellowstone Park, WY

Yuma, AZ